“It’s a tough road, and I faced a lot of judgement for being on a less traditional path”

I always felt happiest when creating…

The most exciting part has been helping others and getting to learn from them as well.

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I believe that if you can make it through all the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur, you can make it through almost everything.

  • experienced a 6 month-long unexpected medical condition, which required me to undergo 4 different surgeries. Part of my savings went to medical costs, and I had to work while lying on my side for several month
  • acted as a mediator in a long-running familial divorce
  • had friends and extended family tell me that I was wasting my time and how I should be working for Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc.
  • had people tell me exactly why my business would fail and why no one would use it
  • had people stop listening halfway while I was telling them about my business (even though they brought it up and asked so many hard-hitting questions in the first place)




Interviews with small & local businesses. Let’s support them together!

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Big Stories Small Businesses

Big Stories Small Businesses

Interviews with small & local businesses. Let’s support them together!

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